Meet your local

Hi I'm Desa, I was born & raised in Central Hawkes Bay (thats the very rural, southern part of our beautiful province) & now live in the Hastings area of Hawkes Bay.

I fell into the hospitality & tourism game over 10 years ago & have never looked back. It's a career that has enabled me to travel to amazing places, live & work with so many interesting people from around the globe & discover all the incredible places this world has to offer.

Despite all this exploration I am always drawn back home, I love New Zealand & my tiny corner of it!

So here I am, combining my experience in the hospitality & tourism industry with my passion for all the great places I get to enjoy everyday. I want to share with visitors what keeps myself, my family & my friends proud to be locals.

This is fieldtrip

So we know we have world class wine, but we also want to champion the other amazing experiences we have here in the Bay. We’re talking beer, coffee, crafts, locally produced foods, cool art & hidden gems. Why not enjoy it with the stunning backdrops us locals get to enjoy everyday, from the dramatic vistas of Te Mata Peak, to the endless sands at Waimarama and many bush walks dotted around the area.

The Fieldtrip car is comfortable and compact. Air-con for our hot summers, Spotify for all your road-trip listening, reusable water bottles & cold refills supplied, eco coffee mugs to borrow for the day. I’ve been busy thinking of all the ways to make your trip extra special.